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Luck hasn’t been on Leo’s side recently since the Yorokobi poisoning and has found himself on the edge of financial collapse, refusing to take a helping hand from his Billionaire-Heiress girlfriend or Multi-Millionaire father. He has decided to sell No.32 Ramsay Street to free up some equity, but will he be able to keep his head above water for much longer?

The dramas have also been coming quick and fast at Eirini Rising, with a crime spree in full force, which culminated in Susan being knocked to ground and forced to face her own mortality. Can this business be the success Terese wants and can Susan continue to give this new role what it needs?

These stories continue on next week, but we also see the long-awaited return of Melanie from her tour of Australia’s music festival. WHen she arrives back in Erinsborough, she has a new friend with her… of course, he just HAS to have a secret… how long until we find out what he is really up to?

Next week also sees Wendy begin her University course, how will she settle in, being a mature student?

So, let’s take a look at what will be happening next week in Erinsborough. As always, we have kept some of the most exciting stories under wraps, so you will need to make sure you watch the episodes to catch up on all the unmissable drama down under.


With money to secure his children’s futures burning a hole in his pocket, Vic sees that Yorokobi could be the perfect investment. Nic and Byron are uncertain that Leo would be interested in Vic buying into his business but he does see the value in a financial injection to get him through rough times.

Excited at the prospect of being part-owners of the Vineyard, Nic and Byron suggest that their first big event should be Mike and Jane’s wedding. Vic notices that Jane feels uncomfortable discussing it and encourages her not to ignore her feelings and suggests she speaks to Mike.

Vic submits a low-ball offer though and Leo is insulted. Vic reminds Leo that if he doesn’t accept his money, the chances are that Leo will lose the business altogether.


With a new landlord for number 32, the residents are struggling when they realise their landlord will be making regular visits to the house and using the pool. The housemates try to be civil and charm their new landlord, but when that doesn’t work, Mackenzie loses her cool. Whilst it resolves the issue, short-term, the gang find out that they will pay for Mackenzie’s outburst, in the form of a rental increase.


Almost at the end of her road trip with the Drinks Diva van, Melanie seeks help from a friendly stranger, Logan. Bonding over their shared travel experiences, Melanie sees a kindred spirit in the young man. Knowing that he is looking for somewhere to settle down, Melanie invites him to return to Erinsborough with her.

Logan accepts, but seems strangely attracted to the image of David Tanaka painted on the side of the van. Is there more to this stranger than meets the eye?

Arriving in Erinsborough, Logan sees Aaron teaching Sam to dance at Lassiters and makes Melanie introduce him. Logan explains that Mel had told him all about David and offers his condolences. The two seem to get on and Melanie invites Aaron to join them on a night out after dinner. As the night draws to a close, we see that Logan has a picture on his phone from ten years prior… a picture of him with his arm around David.

Melanie is quick to pick up on the connection between Logan and Aaron and assumes that there could be romance on the cards, but when Logan is in No.24, he seems more interested in looking at the pictures of David on display…


Susan returns to work and hopes that her injury may have made the teen trouble-causers realise that what they are doing is more than just harmless pranks. As soon as Susan is back on-site she has to deal with resident Moira who reports unauthorised purchases on her credit card.

Eirini Rising’s newest employee, JJ Varga-Murphy is distracted and tries to reset his friendship with Nell. She still feels rejected and shrugs off the attention, preferring to hang out with friend Jasmine who is showing off an expensive new jacket.

When JJ finds out that Moira’s credit card was used at the same brand as Jasmine’s new jacket, he wonders if he has found the thief. Nell baulks at the idea and Jasmine flat-out denies it, tell JJ that he has no hard evidence.

Harold becomes the next victim of the credit card fraud, but is most upset that his tuba is still missing. JJ speaks with Jasmine and pressures her to return the tuba anonymously. When it magically reappears, Harold is understandably overjoyed.

With undeniable proof that Jasmine was part of the thefts, JJ sets about retrieving more of the stolen items, but when he is taking everything back to Eirini Rising, he is busted by Terese with a bag full of stolen goods…

Cara and Remi are disappointed that JJ has let them down yet again and broken their trust. JJ protests his innocence, but his family are reluctant to believe him, based on recent behaviours.

Nell, knowing that JJ had pointed the finger at Jasmine, decides to stand up for her crush, banding together with friends to force Jasmine to come clean.

Eventually Jasmine gives in and admits everything to Terese. JJ is off the hook – and it is all thanks to Nell. When JJ thanks her, their spark is rekindled, but have to fight it because of Dex.


Despite almost getting herself arrested, Holly is determined to find out what happened with the poisonings and listens to the newest edition of the Crimesborough podcast. She is surprised to hear Dr. Gavin Bowman being interviewed about his role in treating the victims. Learning that Gavin was the one pushing to be interviewed, she is intrigued and decides to do some digging on Dr. Bowman.

Stealing Karl’s old hospital pass, Holly accesses Gavin’s personnel file, only to be interrupted by Remi. Holly anages to cover up what she is doing.

Holly is convinced that Dr. Bowman is involved in the poisonings, but after being so off-the-point with Liv last week, Karl, Susan, Haz and Mack try to convince Holly that she is wrong again. Holly, however, is determined to keep an eye on the doctor and prove her theory right…


Wendy admits that, being a mature student, she is struggling to find her social groove at university. Scared of being too ‘Wendy’ she is scared to speak up in class and as a result, her fellow students don’t seem to know she exists.

Andrew encourages her to be herself and – with nothing to lose – puts herself out there and quickly makes friends with Parker, who invites Wendy to drinks. Scared that she won’t be able to keep up with the cool kids, Wendy goes all in and lets her hair down, embracing the university life that she missed out on in her youth.

Will Leo give in to Vic’s offer? Is Wendy out of her depth with her new, younger friends? Can JJ and Nell stop themselves from devastating Dex? Will anyone finish plastering the walls at Eirini Rising?

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By Matt Sole

Matt was a Neighbours fan through the late 1980s and 1990s. After a number of years living overseas he returned to the UK and fell in love with Ramsay Street again in 2017. Away from Neighbours, Matt spent many years working as an Entertainment Director for a major Cruise Line. He is also an avid quizzer and has appeared on many TV game shows including Bridge of Lies, competing with other members of the team.