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Neighbours icon, Ryan Moloney, has confirmed that Toadie Rebecchi will be leaving the show.

In a specially recorded video, Moloney, who has played the character since 1995, explains that Toadie will be leaving Erinsborough but Ryan will still be hanging around Ramsay Street.

Following in the footsteps of other Neighbours actors including Scott Major and Kate Kendall, Ryan will be taking a step behind the camera and becoming part of the show’s directing team.

Ryan reveals he recently finished filming his first episode as director and – if the show continues with its current broadcast schedule – we should see his first directorial effort air on November 11th.

In the video, Ryan has a special message to fans:

“After 30 years playing Toadie, I will be leaving Ramsay Street.  I can’t tell you what is happening to the character – maybe I could be the next Jim Robinson. Or maybe I’ll be the next Harold Bishop and keep popping back over the years. And although I won’t be bringing you our fantastic storylines from in front of the camera, I will be bringing them to you from the other side, behind the camera.  I’ve just started director training and have just finished filming my first episode as director – so I really hope that you enjoy that. 

Thank you all for the love that you have shown me and Toadie over the years. Three decades, in fact.  I’ll miss you, I’ll miss him, and I’ll miss Erinsborough… but whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss what’s going to happen on Ramsay Street.”

Jason Herbison, the show’s Executive Producer, paid tribute to Ryan:

“Toadie is an Australian television icon and Ryan is Ramsay Street royalty. The street won’t be the same without seeing him every week however there’s every chance he will pop back in the future. In the meantime, we’re thrilled to support his directing ambitions and can’t wait for viewers to see how Toadie’s season-long story arc plays out. Ryan’s been instrumental in the journey and has blown us away with his performance.”

So, now the cat is out of the bag, the fan speculation will start… how will Toadie leave? Will he die? Will he disappear out to sea? Is he just heading back to Colac to spend time with Angie and Big Kev? Will he reunite with Dee? We have a little while yet until the final farewell and sureply time for plenty more unmissable drama.

With all this new free time on his hands, Ryan will be heading to the UK in September with his own live show, “Toad on the Road”. The show promises a peek behind the curtain at Ryan’s 30 years on Ramsay Street. Fans will have the chance to meet Ryan face-to-face, take part in a Q&A and is a must-see event for any fan of Neighbours, past or present.

The 20-date tour starts in Birmingham on September 3rd and some venues are already sold out.

Tickets and information can be found by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Thanks for the memories, Toadie. Most of all, thanks for the mullet.

Oh – if you are still reading – we really apologise for catfishing you with the silhouette picture of Susan.

By Matt Sole

Matt was a Neighbours fan through the late 1980s and 1990s. After a number of years living overseas he returned to the UK and fell in love with Ramsay Street again in 2017. Away from Neighbours, Matt spent many years working as an Entertainment Director for a major Cruise Line. He is also an avid quizzer and has appeared on many TV game shows including Bridge of Lies, competing with other members of the team.