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Last week was one of new beginnings for some of our friendly neighbours.. Wendy started her new Uni course. Always-anxious to fit in, Wendy threw herself straight into teh more social side of uni life… without ever revealing that she was the middle-aged mum of a uni-age daughter. Blinded by how cool, trendy and fun her new found friends were, this couldn’t possibly end badly, could it?

Vic, Byron and Nicolette too had a new beginning when they realised that buying a share in Yorokobi cold not only only help Leo out, but also be a perfect business for them to invest in.

Melanie had a new beginning of her own as she returned from her road trip, refreshed and re-energised, with a handsome new friend, Logan. While he tried to pass himself off as a happy-go-lucky traveller, we can only wonder what his weird – and secret – obsession with the late David Tanaka is…

Whilst lots of people are starting anew, other residents are left feeling like history is just repeating itself. For Cara and Remi, learning that JJ has been caught red-handed with all the goods stolen from Eirini Rising, they fear that their son has once again gone off the rails. Nell jumps to the rescue, getting Jasmine to admit the truth of the situation and showing that JJ was just trying to be a good samaritan.

Holly is another person who just can’t seem to break a cycle. Fresh from the chaos of one false accusation, she ended the week hot on the tail of a new suspect in the poisoning case…

Let’s take a look at the unmissable drama that awaits next week. As always, we have left some of the juiciest bits out, so make sure you watch Monday-Thursday on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video.


Holly seems to think of herself as a little detective, but her move to expose podcaster Liv as the mystery poisoner didn’t end the way she wanted. When she set on her sights on Dr. Bowman, everyone thought that she was a little crazy.

In Thursday’s episode we saw Holly in hiding at the community centre, spying on Dr. Bowman as he appeared to be injecting something into slices of watermelon. Knocking over a chair, Dr. Bowman was startled and Holly too was like a deer in the headlights… how was she going to get out of this one?

The following day, noticing that Holly never came home, Karl checks in with her friends. They haven’t seen Holly either and she isn’t answering her phone, leaving Karl very worried…


Wendy is embracing her new life at Uni and is really loving reliving her youth when she is invited out by her much younger classmates. A new face joins her social gang, Quinn. He is young, handsome and really seems to enjoy Wendy’s energy.

Staying out way too late and drinking way too much, Wendy pays the price the next day with the mother of all hangovers. Clearly Wendy didn’t hurt too much though as she gets Aaron to cover her shift so she can do it all again the next night.

Again, nursing a hangover, Andrew makes fun of Wendy but loves how her new friends don’t mind that she is much older than them…. Wendy decides not to reveal that she may not have been totally honest about her real age with her new friends….


After making a low offer for a half share in Yorokobi, Vic thinks he has the deal in the bag, but Leo seeks some advice from Terese on what a good business move would be. She reminds him that he really needs a cash injection, even though he is undervaluing the business, Vic’s offer is the only thing preventing the business from going under.

Leo makes the counter-offer to Vic, who agrees and everyone is delighted at the new venture. As celebrations really take off, Vic impulsively kisses Jane, who is shocked by her ex-husband’s move. Jane rushes to Terese to confide in her what happened, whilst Vic faces the reality of what he just did.

Vic later meets with Remi to get the results of his check-up. Remi is shocked that Vic didn’t tell her that he had been part of an immunotherapy trial in London. He didn’t think it was a big deal because when he left London, nothing had changed. So he is really shocked to hear that the trial DID work… his tumours are gone and his cancer is in full remission.

Vic tries to break the news to his family but doesn’t know how. At a celebration breakfast, the excitement for the new business is marred by two secrets – the kiss between Vic and Jane as well as his clean bill of health. He can’t bring himself to share the truth with everyone and just tells Jane how grateful he is that they have been able to reunite and make peace with one another.

Later that day, Nic and Byron are concerned when they can’t get hold of their father, only to find two letters at the house and no sign of Vic. He has skipped town, leaving behind his family and the promise of building a family business.

Nic tries to explain Vic’s disappearance, but Byron is disgusted that his father has not only let him down once again, but also let Leo down by walking out on this life-saving deal. Byron is left to break the news to Leo, knowing how much he was relying on this cash injection. Angry and confused, Byron thinks he may have come up with an idea to save the situation…


After a break away with Angie and Big Kev in Colac (Can that really be described as a break?) Toadie returns home and is ecstatic to see his children and his estranged wife, Terese. After weeks of animosity between the two, distance really did seem to make the heart grow fonder. The pair begin to talk about their relationship and end falling into a kiss.

Rekindling their relationship, the pair bask in the afterglow and Toadie decides it is time for Terese to officially become a Rebecchi by granting her a fish name… after much deliberation, he decides on “Swordfish”. The kids are ecstatic to see the pair loved up and it appears that Toadie and Terese are officially back on track.


Logan does everything he can to stay in Aaron’s orbit and is ecstatic when Aaron offers to give Logan a cocktail-making lesson. As the two laugh their way through the session, it appears that they are a great match, until Logan pretends to wear the cocktail maker as a hat. Aaron is chillingly stopped in his tracks as he flashes back to a similar moment with David. Aaron screams at a confused Logan and demand he leaves.

Aaron tracks Logan down and apologises for his over-reaction. Offering a friendly ear, Logan tells Aaron he understands and encourages him to keep David’s memory alive. Aaron is impressed by the sincerity of the statement, but as soon as Aaron leaves, Logan opens up Aaron’s social media and scrolls through the photos from his wedding to David. Logan seems to enjoy the fact that he is standing in the same spot where Aaron and David got married.

Melanie notices how invested Logan seems to be in Aaron and warns him off. Logan tries to convince Mel that he only wants to be Aaron’s friend and he will dial it down a little.

Working at the Drinks Diva van, Logan is shocked when Remi claims to recognise him. He convinces her that she must be mistaken, but when Leo arrives later that day, Logan fears that another Erinsborough resident will recognise a familiar face.

Later that day Remi runs into Logan once again and says she knows where they met – a medical conference on the Gold Coast where they talked about his area of study. Logan says Remi must be mistaken, he was at the conference, but only as part of the catering staff.

Not wholly convinced by the interaction, Melanie is left curious. Is Logan lying?


Harold’s grand-daughter Sky turns up unannounced at Eirini Rising. EVeryone is initially elated to see her, but Sky isn’t there on a friendly visit. She is troubled by all the bad news coming from the new Retirement Experience and feels that Harold would be much safer back in Queensland with her, she is taking Harold back.

Jane and Terese pull out all stops to showcase how fantastic the concept of the school being right next door is and organise a social event between the two communities. Everything goes well and Harold hopes that Sky will realise how Eirini Rising is the best place for him to be.

Sky sees how happy Harold is and eventually admits that she feels guilty, Harold did so much for her ass a teenager, she feels that she should be the one looking after him now. Harold reassures her he looked after her out of unconditional love, Sky is more than happy to let Harold remain in Erinsborough.


Struggling with some of the more technical aspects of her job, Andrew and Aaron suggest that she does some IT courses at Eden Hills Uni to upskill. She starts to do research into the classes but seems determined to keep her desire to go back to school a secret from her friends and family.

Cara drops into the university to speak with someone, but in the grounds she is scared she has been rumbled when she sees Wendy. She notices Wendy behaving very out of character and dressing in a much younger style than she usually does… is Cara not the only one keeping something secret?


When Leo gets a call from his cousin, Kiri, a mutually beneficial opportunity arises. Leo desperately needs help to get the business back on his feet and Kiri, feeling restless on Magnetic Island with her father Glen, has a reason to escape back to civilisation.

When she arrives back in Melbourne, seeing the depth of Leo’s troubles, she offers to invest in the business. It isn’t as much money as Vic had promised, but hopefully enough to keep them afloat. Leo is thrilled that he gets to work with Kiri again, but when he receives an awkward text message, he fears that his joy may be short-lived…

So, what are Logan’s true intentions, is he lying to Remi and why is he so obsessed by David? How long can Wendy keep up the charade before her uni friends as well as her husband and daughter, find out the truth? Is there more to Kiri’s return than meets the eye and what will happen when Nicolette finds out her old flame is in town?

You can find out all this and a lot more when Neighbours drops brand new episodes from 7am Monday-Thursday on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video.

By Matt Sole

Matt was a Neighbours fan through the late 1980s and 1990s. After a number of years living overseas he returned to the UK and fell in love with Ramsay Street again in 2017. Away from Neighbours, Matt spent many years working as an Entertainment Director for a major Cruise Line. He is also an avid quizzer and has appeared on many TV game shows including Bridge of Lies, competing with other members of the team.