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As always, the drama never ends on Ramsay Street. As Doctor Bowman was uncovered as the phantom poisoner (Kidnapping Holly Hoyland along the way), Leo still struggled to get his business back on track. The situation was only made worse by potential investor, Vic Stone, absconding. With Kiri Durant back in Erinsborough, have Leo’s prayers been answered?

For Nicolette and Byron, they are struggling to come to terms with their father abandoning them again, especially after learning his cancer was in remission. Jane also struggled with her feelings. Vic walking out on her is nothing new, but it has made her look at her own relationship…

Newcomer Logan has made a big impact on Ramsay Street and Aaron seemed to instantly connect with the handsome stranger… but as people begin to become suspicious over some of his inconsistent stories and we see that Logan has an unhealthy obsession with the late David Tanaka, how long will it be until we learn the truth?

There’s a lot to come next week, so join us as we reveal some of what will be happening in Erinsborough. As always, we have left out some of the juiciest happenings, so make sure you watch every day so you don’t miss out on all the goss!


In Thursday’s episode we saw Kiri offer to partner with Leo to try and save Yorokobi, but Leo then received an unsettling text message that threw a spanner in the works.

On Monday it is revealed that the text message was from Nic and Byron, they have managed to raise funds to buy into the vineyard. It isn’t as much as Vic had offered, but they still want in. This creates an awkward situation for Leo, he has already agreed to allow his cousin, Kiri, to invest.

In an ideal world, he would love to allow both parties to be involved and increase the overall investment, but knowing the history between Nic and Kiri, this might be a tad awkward.

Before Leo has a chance to let Kiri know what is happening, Byron and Nicolette show up at Yorokobi, blissfully unaware that Kiri is back in town. After a tense initial meeting, Leo agrees to a trial period to see how the four can work together and to see if the exes can get along…

As Kiri shifts into Boss Mode, Nicolette stays calm and follows all of Kiri’s direction, even though it involves her doing some of the most menial tasks. By the end of the day, the simmering pot boils over and the former lovers have it out with Kiri admitting she is still angry how their relationship ended, with Nicolette trying to seduce Sasha. Nicolette tries to explain, but Kiri leaves before she gets the chance.

Tensions are high, but both Nicolette and Kiri secretly want a little more from their reunion….


When the hot water system at No.32 breaks down, Vera refuses to repair it unless the tenants can make it worth her while. Haz gives in and offers Vera a pedicure, but Mackenzie is steadfast, putting Vera in her place and eventually getting her to agree to a new hot water system.

Eventually Mack offers Vera a limited access to use the pool in the hope that if they indulge her a little, she will respect their boundaries a little more.


With Wendy burning the candle at both ends, the strain is obvious to Andrew and Sadie, but they are clueless that Wendy is lying to her classmates who think she is younger than she actually is which is backed up by Wendy changing into much younger clothing before she arrives at uni.

Cara has her own uni-based secrets, not letting anyone know that she is self-conscious about her lack of computer knowledge and so has enrolled in a course to help her upskill.

When Wendy spots Cara on campus, her cover is blown. Cara pleads with Wendy to keep her secret, admitting that she is scared she will fail the course, so doesn’t want her family to know. Wendy encourages Cara to be more open and honest with her family, believing they will be supportive.

Cara immediately calls Wendy out on her hypocrisy, revealing that she knows about her double life. Each of them called out, they form a pact to keep each others secrets. Later, Cara becomes concerned when she overhears Parker inviting Wendy to a Traffic Light Party, after all, they think that Wendy is young, free and single.


Nell and Dex continue to spend time together, she is completely oblivious that Dex has a romantic interest. To her, they are just bonding over their art. When Dex arranges a “date”, Nell innocently accepts and JJ steps in to help his brother plan the perfect night in the sunroom at No.30.

When the sunroom suddenly collapses, Dex’s romantic plans are squashed and everyone is left looking at a pile of rubble.

Toadie feels guilty about the sunroom collapse, which was built by his brother, Shane, and so offers help Cara repair the room by way of an apology. When Cara is called into work, Toadie is left alone in his former house and he has a overwhelming sense of deja vu… he shrugs it off… but something isn’t quite right with Toadie.


Juggling his job at Eirini Rising and acting as romantic advisor for Dex, JJ had almost forgotten that he needs to plan how he is going to finish his education. Remi approaches Jane to see if there is any chance of her son returning to Erinsborough High. Jane fears not, but can’t help but be impressed by the way the young man has turned his life around and the impact he has made at the Retirement Experience. The residents and staff at Eirini Rising write character references to Jane to share with the Education Department and everyone hopes that it will be enough to reinstate JJ.


Aaron and Logan’s friendship continues to blossom and Aaron is particularly impressed when Logan bonds with young Isla. Adamant to take steps forward in his grief, Aaron decides to donate all of David’s clothes to the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation.

When Andrew Rodwell makes an innocent comment about the relationship between Aaron and Logan, it freaks Aaron out and he decides to take David’s clothing back. But it is too late, it has all been bought. Every last stitch.

Understanding Aaron’s grief, Toadie lets him know that there is no correct timeline for grieving the loss of a partner (Toadie should know… he has a track record is losing wives!) and moving on shouldn’t be seen as a betrayal. Aaron finally admits that he does like having Logan in his life…. completely oblivious to the fact that it was Logan who bought all of David’s clothes.

Melanie shows up to Logan’s caravan and he quickly changes out of David’s clothing and back into his own. Unsettled by nearly being caught, he berates Mel for overstepping a boundary. Later at a dinner with the Kennedy’s, Logan mis-steps and is inconsistent in his story about where he is from. Logan told Aaron he was from Liverpool, but he had told Karl he was from Paramatta..

Karl and Melanie discuss their suspicions about the situation with Logan, knowing that something isn’t quote right. When Remi chimes in, convinced that Logan was lying to her about them meeting on the Gold Coast, alarm bells truly ring for Melanie and she is compelled to investigate.

She heads back to Logan’s caravan and lets her self in, finding David’s clothes. Just as she starts looking through them, Logan unexpectedly returns.

Logan lies to Mel and explains he bought the clothes for safekeeping, just in case Aaron regretted getting rid of them, he could be reunited with the belongings. He accuses Melanie of being paranoid and immediately quits his job at Drinks Divas.

Logan rushes to Aaron to get ahead of the story from Melanie, explaining that he bought the clothes. Aaron buys into Logan’s version of events and tells Melanie to stay out of his business.

Meanwhile, Remi, with her own suspicions, has uncovered that Logan was a Doctor back in Liverpool. She shares the new-found information with Melanie and the pair call someone who knows him back home. After the conversation, Remi and Mel rush to Aaron with a warning: Logan is unhinged and, incredibly connected to David.

Aaron struggles to process the information that Logan was a doctor who studied with David. Leo, distracted with his own drama, failed to recognise Logan when the pair met, but he knows him. He remembers how Logan became obsessed with David to the point that David had to get the university involved. Leo is shocked that Logan has now weaseled himself into Aaron’s life.

Aaron seeks out Logan and corners him with the revelations. Logan admits everything. Back at uni he could see how special David was and he was hurt when David rejected him. He says he now sees how inappropriate his behaviour was back then and his motive for coming to Erinsborough was to just connect with the people who loved David and he had no ill-intention.

As Logan breaks down, Aaron can’t help but be drawn back into Logan…


Following Vic Stone’s departure from Erinsborough, he left a letter for Byron and Nicolette, but nothing for Jane. Byron finds out why this week when he discovers a letter addressed to Jane in Trevor’s kennel.

Jane is convinced that the letter will just contain excuses but eventually gives in and opens the envelope, distressed by everything that her ex-husband is saying to her. Jane is fuming and opens up to Susan and Terese on what Vic has said, offering unsolicited advice on her relationship with Mike.

Susan is shocked to learn about “the kiss”, but whilst Jane is defensive, claiming that Vic was playing mind games, Susan admits that she shares some of Vic’s concerns about the long separation and the state of Mike and Jane’s relationship. Terese meekly agrees with Susan, leaving Jane in shock.

Taking a tour of her old haunts with Mike, she stops off at the tram, reminiscing about the day that Mike returned to Erinsborough and the pair sat there, reconnecting and hopeful for their future. She realises that the situation is very different now, there is just an empty seat opposite her.

Painfully emotional, Jane admits to Byron the reality – she has to break up with Mike.

Will Jane be able to break the news to Mike or will she change her mind? Can Wendy and Cara keep their secrets? Is Aaron right by trusting Logan? Is Toadie having a crisis of conscience?

All of this and much more will be played out in episodes of Neighbours, dropping at 7am, Monday-Thursday, on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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By Matt Sole

Matt was a Neighbours fan through the late 1980s and 1990s. After a number of years living overseas he returned to the UK and fell in love with Ramsay Street again in 2017. Away from Neighbours, Matt spent many years working as an Entertainment Director for a major Cruise Line. He is also an avid quizzer and has appeared on many TV game shows including Bridge of Lies, competing with other members of the team.