The exterior of 3 Pin Oak Court (Image courtesy of Ray White Real Estate)

If you want to live in a street packed with unmissable drama, you may just have the chance as one of the 6 homes on Ramsay Street has hit the rental market.

Number 3 Pin Oak Court, Vermont South, better known as 30 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, was placed on the market on Friday, looking for a new family to call it home, or a group of sharers that could create the perfect blend.

The house has featured in the show since the very beginning. In 1985 it was home firstly to the Browns and then the Sutton family, although their dramas were played out mostly off-screen and we never got to see inside the house. The first time we got a peek inside was when newlyweds Paul Robinson and Terry Inglis moved in (Although the layout was very different to what we see on screen now). Indeed, it was inside this house that Terry shot Paul, leading to the end of their marriage and she was sent to prison.

After the show was cancelled by Channel 7 in 1985 and subsequently recommissioned the following year by Channel 10, the Simpson family had moved in although they were never seen. They left the street in 1988 and the house became a permanent fixture in the show with Edith Chubb living their with nieces Bronwyn and Sharon Davies. Number 30 became a share-house in the early 90s, home to a constant stream of the show’s younger characters including Toadie Rebecchi who first moved-in back in 1998.

Following the show’s second cancellation in 2022 and another recommission, this time by Amazon, the first new episode of the third incarnation of Neighbours was centred around Toadie marrying Terese Willis and moving out of Number 30 to live with his new wife.

The Varga-Murphy family have called it home since October and have continued the long track record of drama including a suspected Anthrax attack.

The home was built in 1973 and remained under the same ownership until 2013 when it was sold for AUD$867,000 (£448,000) to British businessman Andrew Whitney. He rented the home out for a number of years but after the show was cancelled in 2022 he put it back on the market for AUD$1,275,000 (£659,000).

Fans of the show that viewed 3 Pin Oak Court when it was up for sale in 2022 shared videos to social media of the house and gardens being in very poor state, including a half-empty pool containing green slime and overgrown lawns. The house didn’t sell and was taken off the market after the show was recommissioned and Fremantle agreed with the street’s residents to use the houses again for filming. The production company pay the home owners handsomely for the use of the homes exteriors in the show.

Whitney also owns 6 Pin Oak Court, better known as 26 Ramsay Street, currently occupied by the Rodwell family on-screen. That home was used for a number of years by Fremantle as a green room for performers and the storage of props and costumes.

Realtors Ray White describe 3 Pin Oak Court as having a welcoming atmosphere with a split level layout bathed in natural light, complemented by elegant tile flooring and cozy carpeting throughout. The interior layout of No. 3 Pin Oak Court is not too dissimilar to the set of 30 Ramsay Street, although not being quite as open-plan as the house we see on screen. If you choose to move in, you can enjoy the four bedrooms (Far fewer that Number 30 seemed to have when Toadie invited various waifs and strays to live with him). There are two bathrooms, a double garage and an outdoor deck that overlooks the rear yard and pool.

This can all be yours for $798 per week (£412). The full listing can be viewed on the website.

Whilst it may seem exciting to live on Ramsay Street, no one can guarantee that your wife won’t try to shoot you or an evil nanny won’t try and poison you with shortbread. Always be careful when answering the door as when you open it, the person standing there may just have come back from the dead.

By Matt Sole

Matt was a Neighbours fan through the late 1980s and 1990s. After a number of years living overseas he returned to the UK and fell in love with Ramsay Street again in 2017. Away from Neighbours, Matt spent many years working as an Entertainment Director for a major Cruise Line. He is also an avid quizzer and has appeared on many TV game shows including Bridge of Lies, competing with other members of the team.