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On the Neighbours official Instagram account this morning (April 24th) it was announced that Emerald Chan, who plays Sadie Rodwell, would be returning to the show.

The character first appeared in early 2022 as a “Mean Girl” student at Erinsborough High, who, along with Aubrey Laing, became frenemies of Zara Selwyn.

Their most notable story was implicating Zara in a series of arson attacks, the most serious of which resulted in Mackenzie Hargreaves becoming trapped inside the school. Mackenzie’s boyfriend Hendrix Greyson went into the school to save her, inhaling smoke which resulted in a condition that would eventually lead to his death.

Sadie’s misbehavior lead to the introduction of her parents, local Police Sergeant Andrew “Sarge” Rodwell and Wendy Rodwell. We saw Sadie’s redemption of her previous bad behaviour and the family moved into No.26 Ramsay Street.

There has been no official announcement of Andrew and Wendy Rodwell’s return to the series, however, leaked photographs from filming last week on “Ramsay Street” saw both characters involved in the action.

The Rodwells were just being introduced as a new family when the announcement came of the show’s cancellation, so a number of storylines planned for them had to be cut and the plan to introduce Sadie’s brother was cancelled, according to the show’s producers. The family made an impact in the short time they were on screen and Wendy Rodwell was responsible for damaging the Ramsay Street History Book, an action that resulted in the return of many characters for the show’s “finale” episode last July.

New episodes of Neighbours are currently in production in Melbourne and will stream in the UK on FreeVee later in 2023.

By Matt Sole

Matt was a Neighbours fan through the late 1980s and 1990s. After a number of years living overseas he returned to the UK and fell in love with Ramsay Street again in 2017. Away from Neighbours, Matt spent many years working as an Entertainment Director for a major Cruise Line. He is also an avid quizzer and has appeared on many TV game shows including Bridge of Lies, competing with other members of the team.

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